xGoatz Art Upgrade & News ! (EN)

5 min readSep 21, 2023


Art upgrade

Since 2021, xGoatz has already gone through 1 upgrade quickly after its launch, evolving in the collection you all know today.

Being strongly emotional about this collection, i felt like the displayed art wasn’t aligned with 2023 standards. Pixel art is good, but it needs to be perfectly executed, and often doesn’t fit well as a Twitter PFP.

This is why 9 months ago I chose to hire a talented artist to rework all 200 xGoatz NFTS and upgrade them to a true new level of quality and uniqueness.

After many iterations, sweat, and hard work, we are finally done with 200 unique 1/1 pieces to replace the 200 generative goats. I must say we are damn proud of how good of an upgrade this is.

Luigi, Yield Yak & Zorro

This quality of art is nothing compared to what we delivered so far. It is a mix between the hard work of the talented Zeppeli and Ariel Bugay, and a sprinkle of AI to enhance those backgrounds, which often feel left away for some boring plain colors.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy this upgrade as much as we enjoyed crafting it.

The upgrade will take place on Joepegs, the 25th of September, at 7pm CEST, free of any charge for all existing xGoatz holders.

There will be no public mint. All xGoatz NFTS are reserved 1 for 1 for all actual holders.

Price : Free
Supply : 200
Royalties : 5%
Reveal : 24h
Whitelist : 1 for 1

Farm news recap

It’s been almost 3 years since we started supporting farmers. Since we made our original $10k donation to 2 french farmers, we have been very humbled by their responsiveness and honesty.

First market gardener we supported successfully bought farming tools and branded some with Avalanche logos. He is very thankful for the help the xGoatz community provided to him. You can refer to our 2nd medium article to see pictures of the aforementioned tools.

First shepherd we funded went wild ! He’s still recovering from his work incident, but despite his bad health, he is working hard to finish the whole cheese factory, while battling with everything else in the farm.

The cheese factory is functional since summer 2022, is now equipped with a near working handmade cooling system, and has its rain protection on !

The farmer is dedicated to cover the whole factory by the end of 2023, and will add a wooden sign on top of it with the name of all contributors, including the Avalanche community.

Take a look at the fresh pictures outside AND inside the factory :

The xGoatz donation funded the whole insulation panels for the main cheese factory room, as you can see in the 2nd picture.

Avaissance Artist in Residency :

I have been lucky enough to take part in the Avaissance program, and I must say, this has been a wild ride ! This art upgrade is partly sponsored by Avaissance, and it’s a big relief for my personal wallet, which I’ve been draining to support all xGoatz expenses since day 1.

Avaissance helped us learn a lot about art creation, community management, marketing tips & tricks and most importantly, foster a space for artists and project leaders to cooperate together to bring you the most exciting art on Avalanche !

Got to shout out my mentor, Ryan Wen, for his professionalism and teaching skills !

Zealy community program

How to engage with your community ? How to make your members more active and incentivize them to take part in activities ? These are serious topics we needed to work on.

That’s why we crafted a whole Zealy community program with 10 unique quest lines, rewarding you with various gifts while exploring !

Inside this Zealy, you will find xGoatz native quests, as well as AVAX protocols partnership quests lines :

Some quests will reward you with NFTS, others with discord roles, others with cash prizes, we encourage you to go through all of them and grind those ranks !

A word from Kriddo :

Despite the market conditions being terrible, xGoatz committed to stick with its duty and deliver everything announced since 2021, if not more. We are not joking when it comes to transparency and promises.

Looking forward, our main goal will be to look out for ways to gather funds to help more farmers. Right after the free art upgrade, a donation wallet will be available for all our supporters to take part in future fundings.

I am infinitely grateful for the support the AVAX NFT space has given me for the past 2.5 years, I never thought we would be able to do so much with so little. Seeing barely 5% of the collection supply listed after all this time truly makes me think you guys are not in for a quick flip, but genuinely want to be part of this journey.

On another note, it is highly anticipated that the art upgrade won’t mint out early, there are dead wallets floating around and inactive old 2021 holders. To deal with this, it is very likely that around a month after the upgrade, unminted goats will be transferred to the treasury, waiting to be fetched by their respective owners.

As a word of conclusion, i’d like to let you guys know that i will carry on with xGoatz as long as you guys support me. We started with barely nothing, and 3 years later we are still evolving, thanks to your support.

Thank you.




Dankest goats on Avalanche network, designed by and for farmers