xGoatz : Looking forward

4 min readSep 29, 2023


Goats from Latapoune farm, France

First, let me thank each and every holder who already took part in these first upgrade days. This has been a wild ride, and I’m immensely grateful for all your feedbacks and genuine good vibes.

Seeing after 7 hours of the upgrade launch 100+ mints and not a single listing made my heart melt. All of you waited for the reveal and have set a strong floor to this collection. You are truly amazing, and once again showing how involved you are in this journey.

It’s not about quick flips and speculation, it’s about lifting each other up, helping farmers, and spread joy.

This art upgrade is the quintessence of 9 months of hard work and sweat, and is the foundation of our future.

Thanks to the Joepegs team, we are now able to showcase a clean 200 unique pieces collection which is in tune with the overall quality of the AVAX NFT ecosystem.

Magikarp, Clown and Kevin.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps we want to take to elevate this project to the next level.

Honorary raffles

Looking for ways to gather funds to continue helping farmers, we will release a series of honoraries made by artists from the Avalanche space.

These pieces will be raffled on Raffllrr, and 100% of the proceeds will be held by our treasury until we fund a new farmer project.

Raffles will start early October with a unique piece made by the talented Wrathtank.

Wrath’s Goat, colorized, 2023


Treasury currently owns 17 goats. One is the Patrick O’Grady honorary that we will gift to him as soon as he gives us his addy.

Some of them will be auctioned on marketplaces when we feel we have enough traction to not impact the collection market prices.

This is another attempt at making you guys have fun, compete for your favorite goats, and help us gather more funds for farmers.

100% of the proceeds will be handled by the treasury until we decide to fund a new farmer.

Pop-up store

This is something really exciting. It is already built and only needs some polishing. Our goal is to let you guys buy farm products from the farms we partnered with in USDC, on the Avalanche network.

It won’t be everlasting, as we anticipate the demand will be extremely fluctuating. We want to let you guys experiment with it, and collect your feedbacks and experience.

Once again, we want to make sure this store will cover our farmers expenses. That’s why we won’t take any cuts from their sales.

We will instead price the products 5% higher. This way, the farmer will get paid 4% more off of his sales, and we will gather the extra 1% to fund the treasury. This kind of incentive is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Donation wallet

Last but not least, we want to give you guys the opportunity to make donations to this project, no strings attached.

If you appreciate our work and ethics, we gladly encourage you to donate directly to xgoatz.avax / 0xb86159dae68522338F0B77BcA7e12f660AD57E68.

We also want to keep giving back to you guys. If you donate, please send us a copy of your donation tx at avaxgoatz@gmail.com, we will keep track of every donation, and might ask for an address to send you goodies.

Thank you guys, you can’t even grasp a glimpse of how emotional I am right now.





Dankest goats on Avalanche network, designed by and for farmers