xGoatz lore and goals

3 min readOct 19, 2021


South West France, Latapoune farm

1. Yield farmers everywhere, farmers nowhere

Here’s a painful reality. Many projects in DEFI vibe around farming, but none of them actually support OG farmers, feeding us daily.

xGoatz project is aiming to bring back interest around eco-friendly farmers and shepherds with funny NFTS collections, while partnering with farmers in need to fund their projects.

We want to educate about the power of well done agriculture, short circuits, high-quality food and products.


Here’s everything you need to know about our 1200 NFT collection :

  • Launching 23rd October at 5 PM UTC
  • There’s no duplicate, they are all unique with varying attributes.
  • Minting price will be 2 AVAX.
  • Main traits :
  • 5 fur types
  • 5 hat types
  • 4 set of eyes
  • 5 background types
  • Rare traits :
  • Clothes (25%)
  • Golden Horns (3%)
  • Lucky Penguin (0.75%)
  • Lucky Joe (0.5%)
  • Lucky Emin (0.5%)

3. Unique NFTS for partners

1st partner, Latapoune, France

We’re collaborating with farmers to showcase their skills, their products and their activism in environment protection.

Our main goal is to fund their needs, that’s why we’re allocating 30% of NFTS sales to them.

15% of benefits will go to each partner, we will give details on what they are used for and will give proofs and bills to add transparency to the funding.

On top of that, each farmer that decides to partner with us will be given a unique NFT picturing their farm.

We greatly encourage placing bids on them, the farmer owning the NFT may accept it at his wishing price or keep it forever.

4. Roadmap & Tokenomics

We’ll soon write an article dedicated to our tokenomics, our future DAO and our long-term roadmap !

Thanks for reading this whole article, we’re genuinely really hyped for this project, and we’ll do our best to make ourselves a name in the Avalanche ecosystem, we’re here to last long. Again, this is not your usual cashgrab NFT project.

Website : https://www.xgoatz.xyz/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AvaxGoatz
Telegram : https://t.me/xgoatz




Dankest goats on Avalanche network, designed by and for farmers