xGoatz revamped, new goals and new ambitions

5 min readMar 18, 2022


Hey guys ! It’s been a while since our last Medium article. We’re mainly using this platform to write about really important news, and here are some exciting stuff we’d like to share with all of you !

Overview :

In this huge update, we’ll go over our rebranding, updates to our core purpose to donating to real farmers, and give a rundown of our new Tokenomics, where you’ll find juicy opportunities being part of this journey !

1. Rebranding xGoatz

We made a long road since our launch. Not only that, but we’ve been through good and tough times. Now, it’s time to make our product fit in 2022. We understood our mistakes, and we’ve always been learning from your generous feedbacks.

We launched back in September 2021, and we’ve been continuously delivering, regardless of our low minting activity.

With less than 20% of our minted supply, we’ve achieved tremendous work while looking at cash grabs minting out one by one.

Here’s where you have to work out a way to understand where you’ve gone wrong. What’s missing ? Even if overall feedbacks are good, we have to look at facts. We’re lacking of engagement and sparkles.

Our primary goal is and will always remain to help farmers in need while educating you to the core values of environmentally friendly agriculture.

Though, we need to add cool stuff to rewards you, fellow adventurers, willing to degen a small part of your folio in cool and attractive NFTS.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s to come in late March :

  • New website with a cool UI.
  • Minting price will be lowered from 2 AVAX to 1 AVAX.
  • Random snapshots for — redacted —
  • Monthly lottery for NFTS holders, including $AVAX and physical gifts.
  • Holder's club in Discord, votes and events will spawn there.
  • Islanders quests to educate yourself and win juicy rewards.

2. Donations & Farmers

We’re extremely thankful to all of you that minted their NFTS, we’ve been able to gather and redistribute $10.000 worth of AVAX and redistribute it to our 2 partnered farmers with roughly 20% of our collection being minted. And they’ve done amazing things with it.

First, let’s take a look at what our shepherd has been able to buy to build his own cheese factory in his farm, and let’s hear some of his own words :

Sebastien, Latapoune shepherd :

“A big thank you for all those who participated in the fundraising to help us in the construction of our cheese factory !

Here are some pictures of the funds raised: this represents 1/3 of the need for sandwich panels which will be installed from January 14th (we will send pictures when they are installed). These insulated panels will be used to build the interior of the cheese factory and will support the doors and windows. Once the panels are installed, we will do the tiling so that the cheese dairy will be operational for next March, just in time we hope because the goats will have a lot of milk then.

It will remain to install the heat exchangers for the thermal regulation of the rooms (20°C for the manufacturing and curdling room, 15°C for the maturing room). This regulation will be done with chilled water in order to limit the use of refrigerant to a minimal quantity.

Finally, we will finish with the wooden framework that will be laid around the building and that will support the external insulation in wood wool as well as the wooden cladding for protection and finishing.”

Our 2nd farmer partner also sent us some very cool pictures of the tiller he was able to buy, thanks to all of you, and is going to buy a funnel as soon as he finds one that meets his quality and price requirements. More funny pictures to come soon !

3. New Tokenomics

As we are devoted to bring you the best product we can, we’d like to twist up what we originally wanted to do with the minting funds, and here’s how it’s going to be allocated from now :

30% Funds given back to our partnered farmers.

25% Invested in various Avalanche protocols to ensure passive income to our treasury and keep giving you back freebies.

25% Community Airdrops, monthly lottery for NFTS holders worth dozens of AVAX, events and physical gifts.

10% Treasury & Marketing.

10% Core team.

4. Let’s party !

Things are about to heat up fast from now, join us on Discord & Telegram and enjoy a comfy place to talk about your favorite vegetables, goats species or whatever you feel about today !

Link your c-chain address with the Collabland bot on Discord and enjoy your private patio of passionate xGoatz owners, along with exclusive giveaways and other cool stuff ! Vote on the NFTS you’d like to win next and the farmers you’d like to support !

Minting Price discount will start right after we publish this article, so try your chance here and join the fabulous Goat Gang. Prior to the new UI being deployed, you’ll be redirected to the old one, have a taste of the good old days while you can !

Maybe there’s an ongoing AVAX giveaway hidden in our Discord, and you could win some more juicy rewards by inviting your friends and being active.

Sincerely hyped,

Kriddo, founder of xGoatz.




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